On Air:
Mornings 6 to 10am

How did you get into Radio?

When I was 7 years old I saw the DJ at KJOY in downtown Stockton and even at THAT young age I recognized a good gig when I saw one:  Play great music, drink coffee, make smartass comments, collect a fat check?  I’m in! (I didn’t realize until later about the check not being so fat, but it still beats working for a living).  I should get a bumper sticker that says “No Fat Checks.”  Ahem, or not.

 What are you most passionate about professionally?

Hey, this is a fun business!  Or at least it USED to be.  The BULL has brought that fun back to radio, which is why The BULL brought ME back into radio.

What excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?

There’s so much in life to get us down, even the smallest stuff can be the biggest hassle.  I try not to take ANYTHING seriously and if I can pass-on some of that fun, sarcastic, carefree attitude on the air and maybe brighten someone’s day in the process, then I’ve had a good time and hopefully made someone smile.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

Ahahaha, nice try.  You can’t.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

Spending time with my wife, simple as that.

How long have you been in radio?

31 years, but I took a 19 year sabbatical from radio, when the big corporations starting taking the fun out of it.

Where did you grow up?

Stockton – born and raised here – never left, never plan to leave.

How do you want to be remembered?

Hopefully as someone who was kind and well-liked.  Nothing else matters to me.

Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself?

What?  You already have more info on me than the NSA.  I have some unusual tastes by most normal people’s standards:  I love black licorice, I enjoy spiders and snakes, and I actually find the smell of skunks to be seriously pleasant.  Hey, that’s what you get for asking!

When were you born:

A long, long time ago…1964.

Apple or Windows:

Love some Apple products, but I’m a Windows guy from way back.

Where were you born:

Don’t you listen, mo-fo?  I done told you already.  STOCKTONE!!!

American Idol or The Voice:

American Idol is close to running its course; I’m finding The Voice more innovative now.

Sign on the Chinese Horoscope:

龙竜  Year of the Dragon!  How cool is that?!!  Technically, the WOOD Dragon (heheheheh, WOOD, heheheheh).

Football or Baseball:

Neither, but my dad loved ALL sports and tried to pass that on to me (does that count?)

Favorite Sport Team: 

None, but my dad loved all Nor-Cal teams.  Seriously, he was no hater; he was thrilled whenever the Giants, A’s, Raiders, 49ers, Warriors, or UOP won.  I can appreciate that mentality; too much hating between team rivalries these days.

Best Mexican Food in Stockton:

Aw, HELLZ, naw!  Mexican restaurant fans in Stockton are just are rabid and polarized as sports fans, lol, and it’s very subjective.  I’d rather answer a question about religion or politics, lol!  I ain’t playin’ favorites on a subject as serious as Best Mexican Food in Stockton.  It’s ALL good!

Favorite Stockton Locations:

Downtown.  I spent the first half of my childhood downtown and launched my career there.  That’s where the best restaurants and shopping used to be, back in the day.  I loves me some Downtown Stockton.

Miracle Mile.  I went to school there and just love the restaurants, shops and homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

Pixie Woods.  Great childhood memories there.  Come to think of it, great adult memories there, too.  That place is as magical and fun to me as it was when I was a kid.

Favorite Food Spot:

Can’t pick just one.  I love Stockton’s diverse locally-owned ethnic restaurants and cafes (and food trucks):  Petra’s Deli, Saigon on the Miracle Mile, House of Shaw, Green Papaya Food Truck, FLIP’S Burgers, Royal Siam, Tocumbo Paleteria (BEST ice cream ANYWHERE), CoCoro, almost ANY Mexican restaurant (some of the best are found in the ‘hood!), Midtown Creperie, and anything that’s not a chain restaurant.  Stockton is RICH in local, mom n’ pop, hole-in-the-wall dining treasures.  I’m very particular about what I eat and I think FOOD is one of life’s great pleasures.  No fast food for me.

Favorite Picture:

That one by Van Gogh.  Oh, wait – do you mean MOVIE?  Love lots of old cinema; I’ve watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” more times than any other movie, by far.  If I’m George Bailey, Stockton is my Bedford Falls.

What High School Did you go to: 

Was originally gonna go to Edison, but moved north in jr. high and wound up at Lincoln.  Met my wife at Lincoln High, so it was well worth it!

Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics:

Summer.  Winter Games are a little cray-cray.

Favorite Car: 

1964 Chevy Impala.  Convertible, of course.

Boxing or UFC:

 Boxing.  Brutal, but I can’t help loving the sport.

Favorite Country Artist:

I love the nitty-gritty sound of Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line, but I think Blake Shelton is the guy we’ll still be talking about 30 years from now.

Favorite Color:


Pet Peeve:

Taking online surveys about personal likes.

Rap or Rock:

Both.  Seriously.

Love to do:

I love being outside, whether it’s camping in the woods, riding my bike, visiting the ocean, working in the garden, or just taking a walk around the block.  Geez, that sounds weak.  Um, I love workin’ on my truck, firin’ up the grill or the chainsaw, and wrastlin’ endangered grizzlies in my spare time.  (whew, rescued the man-card just in time).

Banner Island or Billy Hebert:

I have some great memories of Billy Hebert Field, especially my 8 years as the P.A. Announcer for the Stockton Ports during the 90’s.  We were able to do some great things at that old ballpark.  However, Banner Island is a true gem of Stockton and we’re very fortunate to have such an amazing ballpark here.  And it’s in my old childhood neighborhood on Fremont St.; what’s not to like?!!

Favorite Movie: 

Toss-up between It’s a Wonderful Life and Wizard of Oz.  I know, I have OLD tastes.

Michael Jackson or Prince:

Shewwwwt.  MJ is THE KING.  Absolute genius, through and through.  However, I do loves me some Prince grooves, fo’ sho’.

Hate to Do..

Paperwork.  I could win the Lotto, but if I had to fill out a bunch of forms to get the money, eff it.

Favorite Tattoo:

Of mine?  The portrait of my wife, of course.  My Speed Racer Mach 5 tattoo is pretty dope, too, but you KNOW I ain’t gonna pick that over my wife!!

Why do you love Stockton soo much:

It’s my home.  Always has been.  Is it perfect?  Of course not, but it’s FAR from being the worst, either.  Stockton has a great combination of grit and charm.  It’s like that uncle we all know and love.  Sometimes he drinks too much and gets a little out of hand, but we ultimately love him and are always glad to see him, warts and all.  Lots of love for the 209!

Dogs or Cats: 

Both.  Both have their positives and negatives.  We have both in our home.  They tolerate each other; we should, too.