PO BOX 31477

Stockton CA, 95213

EEO Public File Report

August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017

KSTN-AM is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Full Time Job Vacancies/Interviewee Data



Job Title Date Filled Total # of



Source which



No. of


Per Source

Hiree Referral Source
1. Assistant



7/18/17 1 Internal 1 Promotion

of part-time production/ air talent

5 years


Total number of interviewees for all full time positions            1

There is attached hereto a list of the recruitment sources utilized by the station and total number of number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source.  (Attachment A)

For Position 1 KSTN used recruitment sources,, KSTN On air announcements, and SJ Delta College as  set forth on Attachment A.

There is also attached hereto a narrative description of the station’s Supplement EEO Outreach Activities (Attachment B).

Notice:  Organizations that regularly distribute information about employment opportunities to job seekers or refer job seekers to employers may request KSTN-AM to provide them with information about full-time openings at the station.  Such requests must include the organization’s name, mailing address, e-mail address if applicable, telephone number and contact person, and identify the category or categories of job openings for which it requests notices.  Requests should be directed to: EEO Outreach, KSTN-AM PO BOX 31447 Stockton CA 95213.  KSTN-AM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

List of Recruitment Sources and Total Number Interviewees Referred By Each Recruitment Source


No. Source Contact Address Telephone Total No. of Inquiries Referred
1 On-Line On-Line On-Line 11
2 On-Air Announcements Robert La Rue PO BOX 31447

Stockton CA 95213

209-948-5786 0
3 Internal Robert La Rue PO BOX 31447

Stockton CA 95213

209-948-5786 1 – Hired
4 SJ – Delta College Michelle Castanon 5151 Pacific Ave,  Stockton, CA 95207 209-954-5451 0


*  Asterisk denotes recruitment sources which requested job notification announcements





PO BOX 31447

Stockton, CA 95213

EEO Public File Report

August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017

Statement of Supplemental EEO Outreach Activities:

Outreach Announcements web and on air announcing openings delivered to interested community agencies.

On Air Announcements seeking qualified individuals to apply for open positions.

Part-time employment  / Internship opportunities for potential career growth.